Detail from "Rain Dance," an original quilt by Sherrie Spangler

Friday, February 18, 2011

A sunny, cold break

Even the tube worms celebrate!

Actually, this is normal "behavior," if you can call it behavior.
The casings for the tube worms are exposed when the tide goes out -- sunshine or not --
but it always looks to me like they're poking out and
celebrating something.

I took these afternoon photos about a week ago when we had a day of sunshine.
It was cold by Puget Sound standards -- in the 30s --
although I know my friends elsewhere scoff at this.
The neighborhood was quiet, cold and bright.
The sea gulls didn't seem to mind my camera, and the cow was unperturbed.

I spent a long time crouched at water's edge
watching the rocks and tube worm casings.
They didn't move.
Only the water and light moved.

The only sounds were the cry of gulls
and the lapping of the wavelets.
Mostly, though, the gulls were quiet.

A few hours later, I watched the sun set
over the snowy Olympics
and Wollochet Bay.
A soft wash of orange, then night.

As beautiful as this is, I still long for the desert. Do any of you readers out there in blog land have some desert photos you can share on your blogs? What's it look right now in New Mexico and Arizona? How about the Outback? I know you're out there with your cameras, I just don't know if any of you read this blog.


Margie Kraft said...

Hi Sherrie - I live in the high desert area of Southern Idaho and long for the coast. (I grew up in Alaska and lived in the Seattle area for many years). Just wanted you to know that your pictures fill my heart with happiness. I'll try and get some desert pics for you soon and post them on my blog.

Sherrie Spangler said...

Hi Margie -- That would be great to see some of your photos from the high desert. I haven't been to Idaho, except for driving through on my move here. Glad you liked my Northwest photos. I'll post more!