Detail from "Rain Dance," an original quilt by Sherrie Spangler

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Here's the Color!

Linda J. and her big coiled fabric tote, which she made.
She also made her denim vest.

My last post asked
"Where's the Color?"
as another gray day weighed upon us.
It's still gray outside, but inside yesterday
with the Twisted Nut Stitchers
(they try to disown that name)
it was blindingly bright!

The unfinished tote flap

When the Nuts last appeared here,
we were on Vashon Island.
(See "The Nuts' Excellent Vashon Island Adventure.")
This weekend we were back on the mainland, hunkered down at Carolyn's home for our monthly Sew Day after a week of snow and cold. It was threatening to snow/rain again outside, but inside it was warm and bright from fabric, yarn, thread, beads, ideas, inspiration, grilled cheese sandwiches with tomato soup and Girl Scout cookies. 

If you're in need of color or inspiration,
please read on for our Show and Tell!

And if you want me to link to
YOUR sewing group adventures,
send me a note.  

Linda J. models another of her fabulous bags.
The straps go through big shower curtain grommets.
One red button really pops on the black and white fabric.

Look at the note, upper left, reminding Linda what this project still needs.
She did this for all of her sewing room UFOs, packaging them up with notes about what each project still needs. This makes it easy for her to grab a project and go.

Now we'll take a breather
and gaze out at the peaceful view
of the Puget Sound
beyond Carolyn's window,
south of Seattle:

Before moving on, note the snazzy clear table that Carolyn uses to extend the work surface around her sewing machine. The table's individual parts can be adjusted to fit around any sewing machine, making it easier to work on
big projects.

When Carolyn was done with her sewing machine project, she pulled out these BEAUTIFUL, LUSH crazy quilt blocks that she's embellishing with hand embroidery. My photos just aren't clear enough to do them justice, but you get the idea. 

Carolyn has used a lot of silk ribbon
and other beautifully colored threads.
Still to come are beads.

This is another one of Carolyn's blocks,
and again my camera didn't give me sharp photos.
(Operator problem, I suppose.)
Look at all those French knots and ribbon stitches.

As if all the purses weren't enough for Linda J.'s Show and Tell, she also tossed on some of the LOOPY YARN SCARVES that she's been making. THEN she did a little demo showing us how to make one in no time flat.

The other Linda sat peacefully by the window, embroidering this sweet little saying that probably will be turned into a guest room pillow.

Tune in soon for Nancy's quilt tops
and my turquoise and lavender linen vest.

Good Night!

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