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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Go Steelers! Yeah Pierogies!

I HATE sports, but this year I'm a little excited about tomorrow's Super Bowl because:
I'm a Pittsburgh native.

So I decided to throw a little party, and in researching Bowl recipes I found that one of the top foods being served by 'burghers is PIEROGIES! I picked up a few boxes in the frozen food aisle today.

Other Steeler fan faves are chipped ham barbecue sandwiches (Isaly's style), kielbosa (we pronounce it kill-bossy), hot sausages with fried peppers, Klondike bars, and of course, Iron City beer. Burp. Although these were beloved foods of my childhood -- including beer foam -- I'm staying away from them this year, except for the pierogies. On our menu are grilled halibut tacos, guacamole, Spanish rice, oysters, vegetarian chili, beer and hot 'n' spicy chocolate cookies. And I'm giving the Wisconsin guest a plate of cheese curds.

Fabric-wise, I whipped up this tablecloth from some yardage that I bought about 10 years ago. Better late than never. It was supposed to be napkins, placemats and an apron, but one tablecloth was a lot easier.

And sound-wise, check out this video of
"A Pittsburgh State of Mind."

Go Steelers!


Robbie said...

OMG!! I just watched the video! I'm a Pittsburgh native too! I graduated from Monongahela High and attended Point Park Junior Collage (think it's called 3 River's now) sure brought back memories of 'chipped ham'!! no one knows what I'm talking about!!! And Isley's!! I'd always get a cherry soda from there!! How great! thanks for sharing and Go Steelers!!! Where are you from??

Julia said...

This reminded me that I should wear your old "Pittsburgh's Only Brewery" shirt today!

Sherrie Spangler said...

Hey Robbie! You're from the Burgh! It's a small world. I graduated from South Park and then went to Penn State. And I love those cherry sodas, but we would've called them cherry pop back then.