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Monday, October 10, 2011

Orcas Island and Friday Harbor inspiration

The goat looks like it's part of the mural on Orcas Island. Love it!

When your intrepid reporter last blogged about our recent Pacific Northwest trip, we were on the ferry in gale force winds crossing from Whidbey Island to Pt. Townshend on our way to hiking through the Olympic rain forest. Allow me to back up and give you some color and inspiration from the first week, which was in the San Juan Islands.

Signs on Orcas Island.

These first photos are from Orcas Island, which has a charming little central village called Eastsound and artists scattered throughout the island. It also has Mt. Constitution in Moran State Park with spectacular views of the islands, Canada, Mt. Baker and Mt. Ranier as well as miles of hiking, camping areas and Mountain Lake, where we kayaked.

View from Mt. Constitution.

The art above and below is from Crow Valley Pottery (near the goat), on Orcas Island. They have a store in Eastsound, but these shots are from their studio in the country, which has been there since 1959. We spent a long time meandering along garden paths studded with pottery and other art, including the bead-embedded bench below:
Cement bench embedded with beads.


The wood carvings above and below are part of the same large piece, "Tribute," by Todd Spalti, on display in the village of Eastsound. His artist statement tells the story of how he was inspired by several creation myths. My photos don't do it justice; I couldn't get good lighting or a good overall shot.

Speaking of big black birds, here's another piece of art from Crow Valley Pottery:

In the Northwest, ferries are a part of life. When I first moved here and started riding the ferries, you couldn't pull me away from the deck and the passing scenery. Now that I've gotten used to them, I spend more time sitting inside working on the puzzles that are left set up on tables.

On the ferry from Orcas Island to Friday Harbor.

Ferry crowd disembarking in Friday Harbor.
We spent a rainy day browsing in Friday Harbor on San Juan Island. Most engrossing was the Whale Museum:

Also fascinating was a long mural by Annie Howell-Adams about the local fishing industry:

It was BIG. Part of the sign told us we could "Meet the artist, down the street at Funk and Junk Antiques," but we didn't have time ... maybe next trip.

I don't want to bore you by turning this into a family travelogue, but I have to include one more shot, of the bakery case at the hotel/restaurant where we waited for the ferry on Orcas. I had three large, warm chocolate croissants there during our five days on the island.

Have a delicious day!

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