Detail from "Rain Dance," an original quilt by Sherrie Spangler

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Just playing

Stenciling with Shiva Paintstiks


I got together with my art quilt friend Janet to play in her studio the other day. We didn't have anything special in mind, but since she had just moved to a new place close to my house we decided that was a good enough reason to look at her stash and play with whatever caught our attention.

We started with her Shiva Paintstiks and some cool stencils that I didn't have. We tried rubbing the the paintstiks directly over the stencils and applying them with stencil brushes and decided that a combination gave us the best results. Warning: They're messy. But you have to expect that from oil paints in stick form.

If you google Shiva Paintstiks you'll come up with a lot of project ideas and places to buy them. Here's the Dharma Trading link:

Shiva Paintstiks -- oil paints in crayon form.

I also blogged about some of my experiments with Shiva Paintstiks here:

Next we pulled out her Smooch Spritz spray paint, which I've read about but never tried. It's supposed to be good for adding a shimmery mist of color. Here are some of Janet's:

She taped some white fabric onto parchment paper and started spritzing. We didn't like the paint globs and drips and weren't sure if that's how it was supposed to come out, but it started looking better as she sprayed on more layers of color. We decided it would make a good background. Do any of you have experience with this product and advice on using it?

Janet wore her Shiva and Smooch colors on her hands
by the end of the session!

P.S. I just googled Smooch Spritz and found a lot of product reviews and tutorials about these little acrylic spray paint bottles. The first one I read said you're supposed to hold the sprayer upright, but we couldn't do that because we were working on the floor. I guess if you had an easel or a spray box you could do that. Here's the review:

Other reviews pointed out that the bottles are glass, which could be a disaster if they broke and spilled paint all over.

Have a colorful day


ellen gets crafty said...

It's always fun to try products. I also got globs and drips from the little spray bottles. I ended up using them outside with my art propped up against the trash can.
Have fun!

The Idaho Beauty said...

Ok, Judi and I are miffed that you didn't show the results of that tree one. Hurry up and show us!!! Envious in Rochester.

Angela said...

Try using those Smooch Spritz with the stencils! Use multiple colors on one stencil or just bits of the stencil here and there. Also, try spritzing on black fabric... amazing results! Remember to shake up the spritz really well to get that shimmery stuff mixed in.