Detail from "Rain Dance," an original quilt by Sherrie Spangler

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Fire rainbow in Florida

Photo by Michelle L. Perez via the Weather Channel
Those of you who know me know I'm an avid follower of the Weather Channel, so nothing thrills me more than finding a weather event that includes COLOR! It was pretty exciting to open Facebook this morning and find this photo of a FIRE RAINBOW posted by the Weather Channel. Here's the post:
This phenomenon was what's commonly referred to as a "fire rainbow" was seen above the skies of South Florida on Tuesday by many viewers. Pileus clouds are caused by a fast-growing thunderstorm that shoves air into the upper atmosphere through a layer of moisture, creating a layer of ice crystals. These ice crystals form the fog-like cloud that looks like a dome on top of the thunderstorm. The sun helps form an optical phenomenon through the ice crystals of the pileus clouds and produces a rainbow effect. The technical term for this incredible array of colors is a circumhorizontal arc. Thank you to @WPTV5 in West Palm Beach and Meteorologist Kait Parker.
Have a colorful day


Judy Ferguson said...

I have not seen this before. But I have seen something very strange while living in Minnesota. It is called Sun Dogs. They appear near lighted areas and look like rainbows.

Carol said...

How amazing! And beautiful.

Julia said...

I don't have much context for this except that it was taken in Ocean City, NJ, and that it's called a rainbow feather cloud: Thought you might like it, too.

Del said...

Whoa! Incredible is the perfect description.

Pam said...

WOW--stunning, right?!! Good to be back, Sherrie!