Detail from "Rain Dance," an original quilt by Sherrie Spangler

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Bellingham: Homeskillet in Sunnyland

From the Green Owl Cafe in Madison brought to you by my son (last post) we move to the Homeskillet in Bellingham, WA, courtesy of my daughter. She took me there for lunch last week and I was so excited by the colors -- purple, lime green, orange, turquoise, bright yellow! -- that I could hardly put my camera away long enough to eat.

The colors and funkiness reminded me of favorite places in New Mexico. It was so nice to find this much color here in the Northwest. The funky chicken was above our booth and our table had chickens and eggs in glossy paint.

The food was just as colorful. Look at my daughter's bowl of granola and fruit:

I forgot to get a picture of my food because I was so hungry, but it was a marinated grilled portobello/tofu grinder with roasted red pepper aioli and a side of sweet potato tots and was delicious.

Here's the story (above). If you click on it I think you can read it. Mr. Potato Heads watched over me as I ate -- very comforting.

Have a flavorful day!


Julia said...

We have to go here again! I think it's right up there with Rocket Donuts.

Vivian Helena said...

Love all the color, makes me smile. Don't know if I could live with all of it in my house every day.
I have a friend that has painted her walls brilliant colors and they are perfect for her. Her paintings are amazing also.. Kathleen Mattox, check her out.

Pam said...

Hi Sherrie: I have missed your colorful posts!! There are still some snafu's with my pages, but at least I can post now!!! Been reading some summer posts from you and many others--so much cool stuff, so pretty and motivating! Fun!!

Judy Ferguson said...

Some very quirky stuff. Who wouldn't enjoy such a crazy and colorful atmosphere to have lunch. My old timers eyes were not good enough to read the story, but I enjoyed the rest.

Sheila Schultz Mordue said...

Color and flavor go hand in hand!