Detail from "Rain Dance," an original quilt by Sherrie Spangler

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Healing stitches

Back in May ( I asked you all to pray or send positive thoughts to my quilt artist friend Judi, from Hood River, OR, who is facing some major health issues. Well, she's now at the Mayo Clinic undergoing tests and hopefully treatment. She may be there awhile, away from her family, and I was trying to think of something I could send her to help her through.

So I took what started as my Summer Solstice Goddess quilt from last year and embellished her with embroidered vines and some more beading, meditating on her recovery with every stitch. I hope Judi can look at her and envision the day when she will stand radiantly again in the sun, full of health and energy.

Meanwhile, my other quilt artist friend, Sheila from Idaho, is taking care of Judi while she's at Mayo. So I made her a little "caretaker" quiltlet, thinking as I stitched of how strong the bond of friendship and love is between them. Sheila has no idea how long they'll be there, but she jumped right in to help. I'm amazed at their strength.

Here are a few shots of the quiltlets in progress. I worked on them outside because the sun was out.

Please send more 
healing thoughts to Judi!
Thank you


The Idaho Beauty said...

It's nice to know these were infused with good old fashion Pacific Northwest Sunshine before they went on their way to the heavier muggy sunshine of the upper midwest. ;-) I'm only strong because of the people who have helped me on my own journey, gently leading me to arrive at a point where jumping in with no definite timeline or guarantee of outcome seemed a no-brainer. Your thoughts and thoughtfulness sustain us both.

Annette said...

Strong women helping strong women... nothing beats it..

Marybeth said...

Your gifts just show that big prayers can be attached to small items..we do not have to become overwhelmed thinking that gifts have to be big or for some other purpose than to just carry the prayers with it.