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Saturday, January 21, 2017

Women's March shoutout

"If particular care and attention
 is not paid to the ladies,
 we are determined
 to foment a rebellion."

            Abigail Adams, March 31, 1776

I was sidelined by a bad cold from plans to take part in today's Women's March, but here's a shoutout to my family and friends who did march. So proud of all of you for standing up for women's rights:

Washington, D.C. -- Paula flew all the way out from Washington state with her husband and daughter (from Texas) to march.

Spokane, WA -- My daughter marched with three friends from school.

Olympia, WA -- Many of my friends marched there. I think a lot of Washington marchers opted for Olympia rather than face the logistics of getting into and out of Seattle.

Boise, ID -- STITCH sister Judi and her husband and daughter marched in the sleet and snow. I especially loved Ed's sign, which said he's a grandfather marching for his wife, daughters and granddaughters.

Port Townsend, WA -- My sister, Kathleen, marched. I was supposed to join her, but this nasty cold kept me home. I monitored the marches all day in my pajamas.

San Francisco -- My nephew and his wife marched.

Rockford, IL -- My daughter-in-law's mother and sisters marched, as did many of my old friends from when I lived in Rockford.

Have a colorful day!


sonja said...

I hear you sister!

Julia DesertSpring said...

Weak men are scared of strong women!

The Idaho Beauty said...

Inspiring that you had so many friends and relatives participating in so many places. There was a march here in Sandpoint but I opted out, not for any very good reason. But my thoughts were with all those who did make the effort to make signs and fill the streets all over the country and the world. I'd say this is what a mandate looks like, Congress!