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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

We Dyed Laughing, Take 2

Linda's apron says "Grandmas Gone Wild." It's true.

Has it really been five years since I blogged about STITCH's first dye party on Anderson Island?!  we-dyed-laughing.html Time sure does fly when you get old(er)!!!

This time, Andrea, our hostess, kicked it up a notch by pouring homegrown blackberry cordials on the deck while the fabric soaked in the dye buckets.

Blackberry cordials are served!

Two wild and crazy grandmas.

Mad scientists at work. That's Andrea in front.

Andrea's island home is accessible only by ferry, so we carpooled over and enjoyed the perfect summer weather -- sunny but breezy and not too hot. Linda and Anne (below) immediately took up residence in the deck chairs while the rest of us milled around the kitchen drinking coffee.

I decided not to dye so that I could just relax, visit, take photos and knosh. While the dyers met to decide on colors, I took my coffee outside to enjoy the Northwest summer day. There were two deer grazing in the grass below, but they were in the shadows and wouldn't show up in a photo.

Delaine and Anne took a little rest while waiting for the dye fest to begin. Ah, island life ...

The group decided on a bouquet of colors and then got to work, masks on when mixing dyes and gloves on to supposedly protect hands. Judy's glove didn't do the job, and she went home with a cerulean blue hand.

White-on-white design pops when dyed.

We wrapped it up about six hours later, full of good food, drink and friendship -- to say nothing of colorful fabric. Then it was back to the ferry, leaving island time behind.

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sonja said...

What a colorful day!
That is one of my favorite ways to spend a day!!

Judy Sall Fiber Art said...

Nice! I have had colored fingers, even with gloves on. Nice to have the dye remover cream handy...

Robbie said...

You have such great friends and friends who like to have fun, which is really important!

Lynda said...

What fun!! And what a great way to spend a day! Thanks for sharing.

Julia DesertSpring said...

When I'm home to visit, I'm going to write don step-by-step directions for a photo editing app I use. You can brighten dark photos in seconds so it looks like you took them in daylight (and it actually looks natural)! I've been using it to brighten photos of Bunners so she doesn't just look like a black blob.