Detail from "Rain Dance," an original quilt by Sherrie Spangler

Friday, January 20, 2012

Hot strips, cold drips

If you're following the weather, you might have heard that the Northwest is socked in by snow, ice and wind. It's true. So in between power outages, I've been working on my "Rayna Gillman strips" to give me something bright to look at.


I think it was a giant hunk of snow or ice falling off the roof!

Anyway, I'm working on blocks and strips in my favorite bright colors to get in shape for Karen Musgrave's ugly fabric challenge, which I blogged about a few days ago here. You can pop on over to her blog, here ,where she has links to everyone else participating in the challenge, including Rayna herself.

Here are some of my hot strips and nature's cold drips.

The purple X means "NO MORE GRAY!"

If you're familiar with this part of Washington, you might be interested to know that they have closed the Tacoma Narrows Bridge today because of falling ice that was damaging cars. That's the only link between here and Tacoma.

We just had two more giant crashes on the roof. Better post this before the power goes out again.

Have a colorful day


Judys Fiber Art said...

Hope you are not still in the dark. We had a freakish ice storm in '07 that left us without power for 4 days. It was horrible. But it looks like you are staying focused with the strips. They are really great. I am inspired.

Julia said...

Where was the second photo taken? I like the lamppost colors! I like the quilt blocks you're working on too. The excitement of snow is over here. It rained all last night and the only snow left is the giant snowman someone up the street built.

Karen S Musgrave said...

Love what you're doing! karen

Rayna said...

They're not my strips, Sherrie - they're yours now because while the process may be mine, what you do with them is going to be yours! The colors are just what this gray/white weather needs, I agree.
I'm in NY this weekend and not much snow here, although enough to keep Emma and me in. My kids in NJ got much more, but it has stopped. Nothing like you have. Yikes! Be careful.

Ladybug said...

Love these colors, especially this time of year! We were on the Kitsap Airporter trying to get home the day you wrote this when the bridge closed. Left SeaTac at 12:30 & got home at 8:30 at night. They took us back to Seattle, to the Fautleroy ferry, to Vashon, to Kitsap. Long, frustrating day, but at least we made it safe & sound. Ice was falling onto the airport terminal also - I think they lost something like 17 windows there! Your ice pictures are beautiful - still waiting eagerly to see what you do with the "ugly fabric"!