Detail from "Rain Dance," an original quilt by Sherrie Spangler

Monday, September 10, 2012

More color with the Twisted Nuts

Some of my strip blocks.

This month was my turn to host the Twisted Nut Stitchers, and after a flurry of house cleaning and cooking the show was on! Here are some colorful treats that came out of our sewing machines around my kitchen table yesterday.

I worked on foundation strip-pieced blocks for a Gig Harbor Quilt Guild community service project called "The Bottomless Strip Bag."

I checked out these two bags filled with fabric strips at our last guild meeting and am aiming to piece enough blocks by next month for a lap-size quilt. Each member who uses strips from the bags replenishes the supply with strips from her own stash, so they'll always be full.

I think I'll arrange them into diamonds.

Linda P. started the day with a box of these jewel toned hand-dyes that she had cut into strips and then pressed in half for folded log cabin blocks:

By the end of the day she had a nice pile of gorgeous log cabin blocks in a few different settings.


Chicken salad sandwiches with homegrown tomatoes; fruit salad; skewers of spinach tortellini, roasted sweet peppers, cheese and olives; and of course brownies. Breakfast was spinach quiche, a banana cream cheese pecan bread with orange glaze (it was a new recipe, so I made two loaves and ate one first to make sure it tasted good), and fruit.

Carolynn churned out these blocks for a Halloween quilt, which she FINISHED piecing before she left! She was a woman on a mission, pedal to the floor for hours.

She also got our opinions on which trim to use to set off her foundation-pieced strips for this tea towel. We told her to use the green rickrack but said the brown one would look lovely on a cream-colored towel.

I'm not allowed to tell you whose chest this is. She tried to get out of being on the blog because she said her embroidered crazy quilt block wasn't colorful. But I said her pink top qualified, especially when she embellished it with the spiral circles that she grabbed from one of my projects.

Bunners wasn't sure if she approved of the shenanigans going on in her kitchen, but she put up with us.

Have a colorful, nutty day


ellen gets crafty said...

fun, fun, fun!

Judy Ferguson said...

I am not much into piecing, but looks like you had a very fun time. Bunners is just trying to keep it decent.

Sherrie Spangler said...

Judy -- Bunners almost threw in the towel.

The Idaho Beauty said...

Ah, Bunners pic is the best! And I love those folded log cabin blocks. Thanks for this shot of color and energy - what a great group!

Ladybug said...

Your blocks for the lap quilt - WOW!

The lady in the pink shirt near the end - WOW!

Bunners - so cute!

(You sure this wasn't the twisted nuts group...just a little twisted and nutty?)