Detail from "Rain Dance," an original quilt by Sherrie Spangler

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Zelda's babushka

I can't believe I was sewing gold rickrack on Zelda's babushka last night when I have deadlines to meet, packing to do and a dirty house! And now I'm blogging about it and I still have deadlines to meet, packing to do and a dirty house ...


Zelda is a doll I started a few weeks ago when dollmaker extraordinaire elinor peace bailey gave a workshop through the Gig Harbor Quilt Guild. Elinore will get her own blog post later because she can't be contained in this one.

Anyway, Zelda the Gypsy from the Bronx is one of elinore's patterns from way back, and my Zelda is getting a nicer wardrobe than I have. Look at this purple lizardy jacket with a shimmery silky orange lining and gold trim. And I kept adding more layers of trim to the ruffled skirts.
More on Zelda's face and elinor's class later. In the meantime, 

Have a colorful day!


Ladybug said...

Well, I'm with you - working on Zelda looks like a WHOLE lot more fun than cleaning, packing, or meeting deadlines! Can't wait to see/read more on this doll!!

Judy Ferguson said...

When I was a child the old ladies were called Babushkas. They would be seen walking on the streets wearing their black clothing and black headscarves. Nothing like Zelda. But then, she belongs to Sherrie who loves color.