Detail from "Rain Dance," an original quilt by Sherrie Spangler

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Weavers exhibit in Gig Harbor museum

A wonderful exhibit of contemporary weaving has just opened in our Harbor History Museum, and I had the pleasure of watching one of the artists work during the opening reception. The show runs through Jan. 20, 2013. I highly recommend that you stop by during the dark rainy months to brighten your day.

Cecilia Blomberg ( is the internationally known Gig Harbor artist pictured here. It was fascinating for me to see how she blended various colors of yarn as she worked, plucking new colors from the selection beside her and wrapping short lengths through the warp, much as a painter might dab her brush in various colors on her palette. Cecilia had a photo clipped to the loom for reference and a black and white image behind the warp threads as a guide.

You can see here how many lengths of yarn she works with at one time. Her fingers danced across the loom, creating a complex composition.

Afterward, my friend Sheila -- who knows Cecilia from when their kids were young -- and I were driving home when we glimpsed the setting sun through the tall Northwest trees. We both gasped and rushed straight for the water to get an unobstructed view. We whipped out our cameras (we're both photo junkies) and she carefully picked her way through the gravel in her high heels while I stomped down in my flip flops, both of us clicking away furiously. The watery reflections would make a lovely weaving, I think.

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Judy Ferguson said...

Tapestries are as old as time. They are found in ancient tombs and on palace walls. And yet, they are still being made today. Pretty amazing, when you think about it. Your photos are truly beautiful.

Ladybug said...