Detail from "Rain Dance," an original quilt by Sherrie Spangler

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Free eBook on artistic quilt finishes

I had an email surprise today. Quilting Daily announced that it has updated its free eBook on binding and finishing techniques and that one of my old articles is in it! Here's what the link showed about my work:

Free Quilt Binding Tutorial: Not Bound by Tradition by Sherrie Spangler
Detail of "What Is Life" by Sherrie Spangler
Not Bound by Tradition by Sherrie Spangler

Leaving her roots in traditional binding techniques behind, Sherrie began experimenting with alternative methods. In this article she walks through a few of her favorite alternate ways for binding a quilt including using backing fabric as a frame, using exposed batting, and raw wraps.

Here's what else they said:

If you think quilt binding and finishing is the least creative part of your quilt making, think again. Our free eBook Quilt Binding and Finishing: Free Tutorials on How to Bind a Quilt Plus Tips on Finishing a Quilt has been updated, with 13 creative—yet easy—techniques for finishing and binding a quilt.
quilt binding and finishing grant
Art and finishing technique by Terry Grant.
Quilt Binding and Finishing contains ideas from experts on how to bind a quilt or finish it with stitching, mounting, or framing that you can use whether you are new to making quilts or have been creating quilts for years.

With detailed, color pictures and the expertise of seasoned art quilters, you will learn how to make your quilt look professional and gallery-ready.
Plus, this free eBook has been expanded to include Barbara Shapel's technique for how to create and bind a show-stopping, two-sided quilt with an invisible quilt hanging sleeve.
how to bind a quilt smith
Curved quilt binding technique
by Sarah Ann Smith.
In addition, Sarah Ann Smith shows a few finishing techniques, including how simple it is to create a perfect quilt binding for tops with curved edges. Her bias binding instructions and diagrams will make you a pro at this quilt binding technique.

Sherrie Spangler cleverly demonstrates a nontraditional method for framing and hanging a quilt top simply by stitching it on top of a backing fabric with raw edges.
Finishing a quilt that's small can be a challenge, but Terry Grant has come up with a smart (and simple) way to finish those small handmade quilts and have their corners stay clean and neat.
how to bind a quilt kinard
Lyric Kinard shows how to mount
and frame a quilt for display.
And Lyric Kinard lends her art and design expertise and offers several methods for presenting, mounting, and hanging a quilt so that it shines.
Whether quilt making is a hobby you share with friends or you aspire to win awards in quilt shows, you will love being able to refer to your free download of Quilt Binding and Finishing: Free Tutorials on How to Bind a Quilt Plus Tips on Finishing a Quilt anytime. Binding a quilt may never seem like a chore again!


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