Detail from "Rain Dance," an original quilt by Sherrie Spangler

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Bowls of Bunners

I'm still churning out fabric bowls for the bazaar, and Bunners just doesn't know what to think. I plopped her down in one for a photo shoot today and she said "I'm outta here." She wasn't even enticed to stay by that crisp kale leaf from the garden.

I'm drowning in bowls ...

... but they're addictively fun to make.

The only downside is that my shoulder and neck muscles are killing me from hours at the machine every day. So I told myself that I would use these scraps (below) and not cut any more, and make one more bowl that would end when I ran out of cording.

Here's that bowl. Now it's done and I'm getting restless. I will not make another one ... I will not make another one ... I will not.

I wrote a little tutorial a few weeks ago on how to make the bowls: 
I'd love to see yours if you make any!

P.S. Tie Dye Judy just sent this link to some fabulous bowls she made after reading my tutorial: 

Have a colorful day


ellen gets crafty said...

First you got me hooked on the little wallets, now I want to try the bowls - I may end up in sewing rehab!!! Good luck.

tiedyejudy said...

I have 3 done and another in the works... will take pix today and send the link! The are sooooo fun! Oh, and I love your bunny! I have cats, and they are strictly forbidden to enter my sewing area. BTW, how big do your bowls usually end up? I have a couple of sizes so far, but wonder how much larger I could make them. Gotta go... need to make more! ;->

tiedyejudy said...

Sherrie, here is a link to my blog post about the bowls I have made so far: I'm hooked!

Vivian Helena said...

I love making the bowls also, but have always used the cotton laundry line from the hardware store.
How is that stiffer poly stuff working with your machine... I think it might be hard on the machine, but you seem to be doing wonderfully.
Love your colors.

Sherrie Spangler said...

Vivian -- My machine does fine with the poly cord, and I don't even need a jeans or topstitch needle. I discovered that the regular size 80 works just fine. I also made a few with the cotton cord, but it made the larger bowls too floppy. And the poly is really cheap :)

Judy Ferguson said...

I made one. Don't think I will do it again. I will just buy them. Here is a solution to your multiplying bowls. Have you ever gone to the circus and saw those people to spin dishes on poles? You could have a new career.

tiedyejudy said...

Sherrie, I have to tell you - yesterday, I was set up at a craft show and brought the 5 bowls I had made... I sold 3 of them, and could have sold more if I had them! They were a great hit, and I have 2 weeks to make up a bunch more before my last show of the year. Thanks so much for your wonderful instructions... I know I will enjoy making these bowls for a long time!